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Fumis are a closed species, meaning you may not make your own. MYO slots are currently OPEN.

ALRIGHT SO I’ve been thinking a lot about how the fumi universe (which is set on a version of Earth pretty alike to our own, perhaps a parallel or future version) and how fumis would have a very large presence in media? Which got me to thinking about them making an appearance or replacing other animals in animal related media (like care bears, my little pony, cinnamoroll/sanrio, animal crossing, ect). I decided that there would also be a fumi specific cartoon/video game series in a cutsie style (shown above) that is popular in the the fumi universe! 

I’m not going to make an actual show/story because.. I’m lazy. But I really like this as a story element for people to use in the ARPG or in their own stories set in the canon fumi universe! The show is sort of Hamtaro-like; it’s about a fumi and it’s friends going on adventures in a little fumi-society (in the same sense of the hamster language/society there is in hamtaro). I’m heavily considering using this style for the images in the ARPG journals, as if the characters are explaining things to players! Which is why I’ve drawn an example of each type of fumi in the style here, although I’m not totally satisfied with how the seraphumi looks here mmm

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