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Note – I’m sorry if you saw this before. I removed the original to make a few changes to the image. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me but DA is being kind of… strange with me. Very sluggish and unresponsive. I hope it hasn’t effected my upload. D:

Oh boy new characters! :eager:And one that wasn’t even on my past WIP screencap haha

Hello everyone! This time I’d like to introduce my newest darling, Reeves! I adopted this sweetheart from :iconsilly-little-dracaga: and I just love him! I asked Ryuu to draw him for me to ink and colour pretty much as soon as I purchased him haha. <3

Reeves here is a bashful puzzle lover with a biiit of an inferiority complex. He does his best to serve his self appointed “Master” Zane (Who I hope to finish and upload soon!) but sometimes he’s so eager to help he sometimes ends up… not being very helpful, pfffht. Zane doesn’t mind, in fact he prefers it when Reeves is a little less edgy and more his goofy real self.

He came out to see you at least! :heart: I hope you like him!

I tried different lighting here and I feel like I messed up. Please go easy on me. D:

Reeves is my bab! <3