Smoky Eclipse [Custom]

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That custom Rexbirb was quite a challenge, but oh so much fun to draw <3 At first it was supposed to have the regular feathered wings, but I thought it didn,t fit that well with the rest of the birb, so I offered the owner a legendary upgrade for dragon wings instead :3 

Smoky Eclipse
Owner: AviatorCid
Bullet; Yellow Uncommon: Unusual pupils
Bullet; Orange Rare: Horns, glowing markings, Scale/fur, Reptile snout, Big reptile tail (croc), Non-black teeth, Non-black cornea, Wings on back
:bulletred: Mythical: Exoskeleton, Apparent Skeleton
:bulletpurple: Legendary: Dragon Wings


Become a member of the RexNest!
If you want to purchase an adoptable, you will get character rights!
Bullet; GreenYou may:
– Change the colors, patterns, markings, designs, whatever, as long as it’s minor changes (Please make sure to get any changes confirmed by me!)
– Give its own personal story and even change its name and gender if you feel like it.
– Re-sell it but for the same price OR lower than the price you paid only. I also don’t mind if you give it or trade it to someone else (make sure you update the Master list in case of change of ownership!)
– You are allowed to turn it into a human or anthro, roleplay with it, make stories, etc (send these to me, I love to see you guys originality with these ;3)
– ALWAYS give credits to me and Bernk4stel for the original design (mention, icon, link,etc)

Bullet; RedYou may NOT:
– Claim the species as yours
– Remake the character so it no longer looks like the species.
– Resell it for higher than the price you paid.
– Trade/give/re-sell or change the design without telling me first (don’t be scared of telling me you’re trading your little fellow! I simply want to know where my adoptable are :) (Smile) )

When you adopt one you will get a picture of your brand new friend full resolution without watermark :) (Smile) Paypal only ~ Payment must be made within 24hrs…

Rexbirbs © :iconseoxys6::iconbernk4stel:
This is a CLOSED specie, you are not allowed to make your own.